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"The saying 'you get what you pay for' is that ever true. I picked AstroXTC and scored big time! My report was absolutely gorgeous, and done right the first time. I'm very happy!"

-Helen Tucker

"The beautiful report I got gave me a lot of needed insight into my life, plus I had a blast reading it. All I can say is Thank You!!!"

-Mary Truman

"The Compatibility Report I received was so much fun to read, my boyfriend and I couldn't stop laughing. I look forward to ordering another report soon!"

-Stacy Naylor

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Other terms commonly used to describe this report include: Birth Chart, Birth Report, Natal Chart, Natal Report, Astrology Report and Character Profile.

"I am amazed at how helpful I found my Character Profile Report to be. Thanks to you, I now understand myself a whole lot better."
Lisa Barnes
Portland, OR
"I just had to write to tell you how much I loved the astrology report I received! It's so much fun to read. I always go back to it!"
Denise Baker
St Louis, MO

Would you like to better understand yourself or someone else? Then a Character Profile can be your answer.

Your Character Profile is a personal and detailed interpretation of your birth chart. Your report examines in close detail your unique combination of planetary positions that existed at the time and location of your birth.

What will this report do for you?

With this Character Profile report you can better identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your special talents. You can also gain useful insight into your personality traits, and how you relate to others, as well as your career path.

Your Character Profile is your committed partner in helping you achieve better understanding about yourself or someone you care about.

The main purpose behind your revealing report is to present you with ideas, wisdom, and guidance with which to make more educated decisions in your everyday life whether it be personally, socially, or career-oriented.

The Character Profile is beautifully presented and makes an excellent gift for yourself, or for someone you care about.

Try a Character Profile to find out what is in store for you or someone else today.

Your report comes complete
and includes the following:

  • 1 Carefully Plotted Natal Chart / Birth Chart
  • 1 Carefully Plotted Grid Aspects Chart
  • 1 Carefully Plotted Graphical Aspects Chart
  • 1 Detailed Planetary Data Chart
  • 1 In-Depth Analysis on YOU based on the unique details that surround YOUR birth.
  • 20 - 25 pages long
  • Available by both mail or e-mail.